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Featured Projects

Shrike  -  Fossil Works Projects

A pneumatic bow for use in the sport of airsoft. Combining recent innovations with an ancient twist to catch the eye of players across the globe. 

Enterprise Award Winner

Masters' Project

Automated Mass Customisation - A Case Study in Rider Optimised Cycling Components

Fruitful Spaces
Truly Productive Workspaces

Industrial Design and advanced agrotechnology to create vertical farming systems that improve your workplace. Allows for zero food mileage, and increased greenery in your office, available in a variety of options with fully customisable models.


First Class Project - MEng Design Engineering 


Sport Engineering

Optimisation of sporting equipment for use at European and World Championship races.  
Practical use of CFD, Mechanics, rapid prototyping and hands-on skills to steal every millisecond from my opponents by combining off the shelf components and my own designs. 



FWP_PBanner 2.jpg
Fossil Works Projects

Product of a 6 month enterprise venture, establishing a new way of participating in archery via the use of novel pneumatic technology to create the Urban Archer Concept. 

Solid-State Hydrogen Storage  
Nanomaterial Engineering

Using cutting edge nano-material science and manufacturing engineering logic to create a commercially viable way to decarbonise the haulage and aviation industries. Industries that typically could not be touched by battery electrical systems. 

First Class Project - MEng Design Engineering


Stick_and base_2j_b0_7.jpg

Stroke rehabilitation device. Designed to counter hand spasticity, and allow survivors to regain control after losing everything. Human centred, engineering design project. 

About Me

Matthew Ryan (MEng, ACGI, CMI)

I am an Engineering oriented manager with a background in military and public sector, working in project management, resourcing and multidisciplinary engineering delivery. Founder of Fossil Works Projects. I hold a Masters Degree in Design Engineering from Imperial College London and passed out of the Defence Technical Officer Entry Scheme (DTOES). In addition, I founded and now sit as Director of Fossil Works Projects Ltd.


After passing Army Officer Selection in 2016, I have pursued a career as both an engineer and a leader. I promoted above my peers in reflection of my leadership skills, work ethic and personal drive. During my time I received awards from external bodies as well as formal military commendations. 

After nearly seven years of life in the military, I left the army, and took my experience and skillset into engineering management. I currently manage 500 civil engineers, project engineers and asset strategists in a major London infrastructure company. 


Through my work, I have had the opportunity to prove myself in a variety of subjects, with chosen specialisms in:

  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacture

    • Finite Element Analysis

    • Computational Fluid Dynamics

    • Automation & Mass Customisation

  • Sustainable Engineering

    • Material Engineering​

    • Additive Manufacture Engineering

    • Sustainable Electrical Systems / Net Zero

  • Engineering Management

    • Forecasting​

    • Asset Management

    • Resourcing and Strategic

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Matthew Ryan

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