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The ammonite is synonymous with the Jurassic Coast. Stretching almost 100 miles from Dorset to Devon along the South coast of the UK, it spans over 180 million years of history. Across most of the rocks buried beneath the dorset coast, you can find these strange spiral imprints and shells of the ammonite, from just a few millimeters across to over 18 inches in many cases. 
Fossil Works Projects is based above a quarry on the Isle of Portland, in the centre of the jurrassic coast, where the stone extracted from the ground was famous for its incredibly high fossil content. Among the millions of shells, plants and bones, the stone is full of these ammonites, often beautifully preserved in full three dimensions, in a variety of mineral compositions. 
This pendant is an ode to that history; a pewter casting of a small piece of the vast amount of history buried beneath our feet. 


Pendant cast in pewter with a faux-leather necklace. 

The Ammonite Pendant

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